Pastoral Transition

Welcome to the Pastoral Transition page of FBC Longview. Here, we aim to keep you informed and engaged as we embark on this new and exciting journey together. This page will serve as a hub for updates and information about our transition process, ensuring that all members of our church community, as well as those who are prayerfully supporting us, stay connected and involved. We invite you to join us in prayer, support, and unity as we navigate this significant chapter in our church’s life, trusting in God’s guidance and provision every step of the way.

Pastoral Transition

Update - July 2024

July 17, 2024

In this video, Pastor Aaronn provides important details about our upcoming Special Called Church Business Meeting on Sunday, July 28, 2024, at 6:00 PM. We'll be discussing and voting on the nominees for our Pastor Search Committee, a crucial step in our pastoral transition process. We introduce the nominees, outline the voting process, and emphasize the importance of prayer and unity during this significant time for our church family. We also encourage everyone to visit our updated Pastoral Transition page on our website for more information and ongoing updates. 

  • July 1, 2024

    In this video, Aaronn Nelson, Connections Pastor at FBC Longview, provides important updates on the church's pastoral transition as we enter Pastor Cameron's final month. This time is one of reflection and anticipation as the church supports Pastor Cameron and the FBC Longview family during this significant change. All our encouraged to join the Sunday morning worship experiences to grow in faith and show support. Watch the video to stay informed and continue the journey together in faith and unity during this time of transition. To hear his message, simply click on the image or the "VIDEO" button.

  • June 17, 2024

    Join Pastor Aaronn and others as they provides updates on our pastoral transition at FBC Longview. In this video, Pastor Aaronn outlines the upcoming timeline, key events, and important details you need to know. Stay informed and connected as we journey together through this significant chapter in our church’s life. For more information, watch the video and check back regularly for updates. Blessings!

  • June 9, 2024

    Pastor Cameron recently shared with FBC Longview church that he will be transitioning to a new ministry in Tyler, Texas. In his expository sermon from the book of Ephesians, Pastor Cameron expressed his gratitude for the love and support he has received from our church community over the years. While this is a significant change for us all, we are excited for Pastor Cameron as he follows God's calling to serve in Tyler. To hear his message, simply click on the image or the "VIDEO" button.

Did you know?

Welcome to our "Did You Know?" section, where we share fun, funny, and encouraging tidbits to uplift and connect our community during this time of pastoral transition. Stay tuned for interesting facts, heartwarming stories, and a few laughs as we celebrate the journey and the people who make FBC Longview special.

  • The History of the Connect Card Dance

    For nearly a decade, Pastor Cameron has consistently called on the congregation to complete their Connect Cards, especially encouraging first-time guests. But behind this request lies a quirky and comical chronicle. During his seminary days, Pastor Cameron came across ancient parchments professing the practice of a joyous jig performed by prophets upon receiving new scrolls. Determined to dust off this delightful dance, he developed the now-legendary Connect Card Dance. This Sunday, we’ll finally unveil this historic, humorous hop. Prepare for a hilarious, heartwarming highlight as Pastor Cameron brings to life the “Connect Card Dance,” a side-splitting, spiritually significant spectacle sure to send everyone into stitches!

  • Journey Tracker

    To see the journey so far, watch important videos, and access key facts about our pastoral transition, visit the special section on our Pastoral Transition page. Click → Journey Tracker to access a hidden page with a visual timeline featuring dates and links to essential videos and documents. This timeline will be continually updated until we call a lead pastor to FBC Longview. Stay informed and engaged with our progress by exploring this comprehensive resource.