Disciple Groups  @  FBC Longview

From our youngest kiddos to our most senior adults

Disciple Groups are transformative small groups for all of us together

  • Big Idea: Disciple Groups.

    What if our preschoolers and senior adults were on the same page?  What if our teenagers could have a conversation about the Bible with their parents at the dinner table?  What if from our youngest kiddos to our most senior adults, everyone could study the word of God together, on the same page and at the same time and in the same Bible passage?

    Disciple Groups are just that!  Our Children's Ministry Disciple Groups will discover what their parents are exploring in their adult Disciple Groups.  All ages will journey through the Bible together, in step, and in a way that unifies our fellowship by unifying our study. 

    But wait there's more!  On Sundays Pastor Cameron will bring a piece of Disciple Groups into every sermon so that we can take a piece of his sermon with us into our Disciple Groups.  We're unifying our age groups with our lessons and we're unifying the lessons with the sermons to unify the church.

    Check out our Disciple Groups: