What is a deacon?   As noted below, deacons visit the widowed, hospitalized, and shut-in members of FBC Longview.  A deacon is a biblically qualified man, called by God, who willingly follows his pastor's leadership, and takes the initiative to lead as a servant while maintaining a team-player orientation toward his fellow servant leaders.

The following deacons have been recognized by these attributes and have been ordained by this local church to extend these attributes in an official capacity here at FBC Longview. 

  • lawson starnes

    chairman of Deacons

    ORDAINED 2013

  • Steve Leach

    Vice CHAIRMAN of Deacons

    ORDAINED 1985

  • Matt harrison

    Deacon Secretary

    ORDAINED 2013

  • bruce kimber

    Deacon Treasurer

    ORDAINED 2013

  • kim bishop

    ORDAINED 1980

  • tony black

    ORDAINED 2013

  • aric cothren

    ORDAINED 2016

  • Joel fenter

    ORDAINED 2016

  • tom gillihan

    ORDAINED 2013

  • lonnie odem

    ORDAINED 1996

  • dave sampson

    Ordained 2013

  • What does a deacon do?

    The deacons of FBC Longview exist to accomplish the following:

    To visit the widowed (widows and widowers), the hospitalized, the shut-in (whether at home or in a care facility), and (when solicited) financially encumbered members of FBC Longview for the purpose of ministry through prayer, Scripture reading, and (when appropriate) benevolence distribution.

    To cultivate the unity of FBC Longview by demonstrating a decided loyalty to the pastoral leadership through lovingly truthful conversations and biblical practices of conflict resolution and accountability.

    To administer the two ordinances of the church by organizing and distributing the Lord's Supper at the lead pastor's request, and by assisting with or overseeing baptism as needed. 

    If you are interested in learning more about our deacons here at FBC Longview, send us an email.