...if you confess me before men...

Next Steps

Jesus makes it clear that He expects us to live lives that are openly and absolutely surrendered to His lordship. This means taking steps to actively walk alongside Him as born-again disciples.

  • The first 'Next Step' is to become a disciple by receiving Christ as your Savior and Lord. Discover how to be saved.
  • The second 'Next Step' is an opportunity we are all called to experience through a celebration that Jesus ordained as... (continue scrolling ↓↓)

First Step of obedience


Baptism is a significant step in our spiritual journey, ordained by Jesus Himself.

We want you to understand what baptism is all about. Whether you're ready to obey Jesus' command to be baptized or you're simply curious, our materials, 'Six Truths About Baptism,' are designed to answer your questions.

Watch recent baptisms and witness this powerful expression of faith. BAPTISMS.