What We Believe

At FBC Longview, we honor the Holy Bible as God's inspired, inerrant word. This belief guides our teaching, preaching, and daily lives, shaping our approach to faith and practice. We trust in its absolute truth and rely on its guidance in all aspects of life.

  • Our leadership affirms the Chicago Statement as a helpful explanation about the Bible
  • What does it mean to be "saved"?

    Being saved means Christ rescues us from sin's consequences, averting death and separation from God. All people require salvation because our innate inclination is self-directed, which opposes God.

    Salvation, an act of God, is attained through intentional faith. When we actively express trust in Jesus, we access His salvation. This act initiates a transformative process by the Holy Spirit, described by Jesus as being "born again."

    • Learn how to be saved with these 4 steps.
  • How do people fit into all of this?

    At FBC Longview, we hold to the foundational belief that humans are uniquely created in the image of God. This belief emphasizes the inherent dignity and value of every individual and underscores our capacity for relationship with God.

    We affirm that part of being created in God's image includes our gender identity, which reflects His love for us. Additionally, we uphold the biblical teaching on marriage as a covenant relationship between one man and one woman, symbolizing Christ's relationship with the Church.

    Furthermore, God has granted humanity free will, enabling us to choose to love Him and participate in His plan. As believers, we are called to advance the purposes of God for good in the world, using our unique gifts and abilities to bring glory to Him.

    These beliefs shape our understanding of human identity, relationships, and purpose, guiding our actions as we seek to live out our faith in obedience to God's Word.

  • Who is God?

    We believe there is only one true God who created all things and still works in all things as the active Ruler over the universe.  God exists as Trinity - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - three Persons but also One.

    Jesus Christ is God in the flesh.  As the Son of God, there was never a time when Christ did not exist.  We like to say he was "Begotten, not made" as a reminder both of His divine nature and of His relatability.

    We also understand that Jesus Christ is the only way we can access God, and no other religion outside of Christ's gospel can save us.