Who's Your One is a campaign that we at FBC Longview are focusing on for all of 2022. 

How It Works

Who's close to you but far from God? Commit to pray for them and seek to have a Gospel conversation with them. Write your "ones" initials on a white ball and add it to the display.

Once you've shared the Gospel with your "one", write their initials on an orange ball and add it to the display.

If your “one” commits their life to Christ, celebrate that by writing their initials on a red ball and adding it to the display.

If your “one” follows Christ through the obedience of baptism, write their initials on a blue ball and add it to the display.

Finally, if your “one” is plugged into a disciple group and is beginning to grow as a young believer, write their initials on a purple ball and add it to the display. 

If you are joining us through our online campus, you can participate by contacting us and providing the initials of your "one" and where you are at on this journey. We will write their initials on the appropriate color ping pong ball and add them with the others. Please get in touch with us by calling our church office at 360-423-1150 or emailing us at office@fbc747.com.  


CURRENT TOTAL (updated at the beginning of every month): 






Monthly Totals

July- 218, 16, 08, 03, 00

June- 201, 10, 06, 01, 00

May- 201, 09, 06, 01, 00

April- 181, 09, 06, 01, 00

March- 167, 07, 02, 01, 00

February- 161, 07, 02, 01, 00