"Who's Your One" is an interactive way for us to encourage each other and visually see the progress we are making as a local body of believers in the pursuit of sharing the Good News about Jesus. 

How It Works

Who's "ONE" person that is close to you but far from God? Commit to pray for your "ONE" and seek to have a Gospel conversation with them. Write your "ONEs" initials on a white ping-pong ball and add it to the display out in our lobby.

Once you've shared the Gospel with your "ONE", write their initials on an orange ball and add it to the display. Then repeat this process.

If you are joining us through our online campus, you can participate by contacting us and providing the initials of your "ONE." We will add them to our display and celebrate your progress with you.  Please get in touch with us by calling our church office at 360-423-1150 or emailing us at office@fbc747.com.