What We Believe


At FBC Longview the Bible is not just another book on your shelf.  The Holy Bible is God's revelation of Himself to us.  That's right, God Himself is the author of this thing called the Bible.  As an Author, God never makes mistakes, typos, or errors.  Because of this we can depend on the truth we find in the pages of the Bible.

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  • Who is God?

    We believe there is only one true God who created all things and still works in all things as the active Ruler over the universe.  God exists as Trinity - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - three Persons but also One.

    Jesus Christ is God in the flesh.  As the Son of God, there was never a time when Christ did not exist.  We like to say he was "Begotten, not made" as a reminder both of His divine nature and of His relatability.

    We also understand that Jesus Christ is the only way we can access God.  But we'll talk more on that later.

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  • HOW Do people fit INTO THIS?

    God made people in a way that was better than anything else He created because He wanted to have a relationship with us.  Part of that special creation was that our gender was meant to reflect His love for us through marriage between a man and a woman.

    After a while though, we blew it and tried to do things our own way.  That sin introduced all kinds of brokenness into the world.  But because God loved us in a special way, He was willing to send His Son to die to give us a way of starting over again; to be saved.

  • What does it mean to be "saved"?

    Being saved is another way of saying that Christ has rescued us from the sin in our lives that make us deserving of death and hell.  All people need saving because we, by default, want to behave and think in a way that puts us at odds with God.  Being saved is salvation.

    Salvation is an act of God accessed by an act of faith on our part.  When we put faith in action to make a conscious outward expression of trust in Jesus, we accept His salvation.  Then He changes us from the inside out by His Holy Spirit - like being born again.

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