FBC Longview Small Groups

currently we are offering a few in-person sunday school classes for adults. Contact or office for more detils here → office@fbc747.com

  • Sunday School

    The purpose of Sunday School at First Baptist Church is to edify the body of Christ by inviting and studying to rightly divide the Word of Truth.

    One of the best ways we can grow a passion for Jesus is through a thorough and purposeful study of Scripture. Our Sunday School is greared to take you to the next level in your relationship with Christ - whether you're someone who isn't sure about this whole "God thing" or a long-time follower of Jesus.

    You can join any adult class on any given Sunday during one of our two Sunday School sessions:

    9:00 am - 10:15 am OR 10:30 am - 11:45am

    We have Sunday School classes for all ages, nursery through retired. Visit our Welcome Desk this Sunday and let us help you find a place where you can grow in your passion for Jesus. 

  • LifeGroups

    LifeGroups are currently meeting on Zoom. Sign up here→ LIFEGROUP

    Through Lifegroups we:

     "Reaching out with one another through prayer, service, and fellowship!"

    LifeGroups are small groups where you can belong and be about the ministry of the church outside and beyond the walls of the church building and grow in your compassion for others. LifeGroups meet weekly during the Fall and Spring, usually covering topical discussions over the course of about 8 - 12 weeks. 

    LifeGroup Fair is the way you can be a part of a LifeGroup. On LifeGroup Fair Sunday you'll  step into a "fun-tastic' Celebration of everything LifeGroups. Our lobby is transformed into a festival. Grab some popcorn. Have some cotton candy. Get a ballon for your kiddos. While you're at it drop by one of the many booths that represent each of our LifeGroups, meet the LifeGroup leader, discover a topic that matters to you, and sign up!

    LifeGroup Fair happens twice a year, one week prior to the launch of each LifeGroup season: Fall and Spring.